Stupid Boy.

by kidokei (@_kidokei on twitter)

starring Namjoon and others

Ficlet – Teen – School life, Sad, Romance


Oh right, I’m not your boyfriend anymore.


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[BTSFF’s Winter Song] Stargazing – Vignette



Cast : BTS’ Jungkook & Original Character | Genre : Songfic | Rating : T | Lenght : Vignette | Cover by Heerinssi from HSG

Summary :
“Untuk sesaat ia meluncur ke atas, pecah menjadi kumpulan titik cahaya yang indah …”

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[BTSFF’s Winter Song] Somewhere Only He Knows – Ficlet

Somewhere Only He Knows

a fanfiction by KSeonghwa


Park Jimin (BTS) and OC as the main cast

Ficlet Angst, Fantasy PG-13


24/7=Heaven – BTS

I think about you all night, girl

I’ll see you when tomorrow comes

And I don’t know what to say.


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[BTSFF’S WINTER SONG] Kenangan – Twoshots



Jungkook – Krystal

Just twoshots with unknown ending

Note: you can Imagine Krystal as yourself or your favourite idol. Don’t bash her, because its my storyline

[cover art by thebrightflame @ art fantasy]

-LittleRabbit present-

[Inspired by BTS – Tomorrow]

Gal gireun meonde wae nan jejarini

Dapdaphae sorichyeodo heogongui meari

[Jalan yang harus kulalui masih panjang, tapi mengapa aku berlari di tempat?]

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[BTSFF’s WINTER SONG] Blanket Kick – Oneshot


a fanfiction by Cedarpie24


Title : Blanket Kick || Cast : Jeon Jungkook and OC [Choi Harin] || Genre : Romance? Lil comedy || Length : Oneshot—2k+ || Rate : PG-15


Disclaimer :
Maybe for this time Jeon Jungkook isn’t mine, but you must know in the future he should be mine! *kicked* kkk~ sorry, just kidding^^v i just own the story, yeah the storyline PURE MINE kekeke
The great cover made by bekey@IFA


Note :
Ini dia persembahan fanfiction untuk ulang tahun BTSFF yang pertama darikuu~ /alay lu bahasanya-_-/
Fanfic ini based on lagunya Bities yang judulnya Blanket Kick, aku cuma ambil dua bait liriknya^^


Well, happy reading and hope you like it, eoh comment please^^

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Rain by Jejeauurd 

|| All BTS member || Vignette ± 3,5K words || Songfic ||

The thick color of a rainy day in Seoul.”

Rain – Bangtan Sonyeondan

Ficlet compilation yeaaah~ be ready!

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