[Drabble] Hangover


Inspired by Bohemian Rhapsody and my hangover this morning (yeah just got awaken)

WARNING! 18+ rated for alcohol and gun

Min Yoongi and dark family life. don’t you wish for something sweet from me.



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[Drabble] Destiny


WLP Present ©2017


Cast : Jeon Jungkook & OC || Hurt/comfort, Sad || General || Drabble


– Prompt –
“Aku diam-diam menangis, apa yang
harus kulakukan?”


N/P : Aku pinjam visualisasi nya Arin OMG untuk OC~



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[BTS FF Freelance] Midnight: Umbrella – (Drabble)


Title :Midnight: Umbrella – Jhope Version

Author : d’Blank

Rating : PG-15

Genre : Romance

Length : Drabble

Disclaimer : Unfortunately, Jung Ho Seok is not mine. But, this fanfiction is absolutely MINE. Just happy reading and dont forget reviewing. Thank you

Cast : Jung Hoseok and You

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