[BTS FF Freelance] Inferno – (Vignette)



Min Yoon GiAmoretta Hon (OC)

Vignette (±1500wc) | Angst, Sad Romance | General

Late 2017 © Selasa



“Sebenarnya, dingin yang kelewat dingin bisa membunuhmu lebih kejam dibandingkan api yang membara.”

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[Vignette] Violet


Jeon Jungkook slight! Min Yoongi and Kim Taehyung | vignette (1,6k words) | childhood, family, angst | G

a fanfiction by byeongariseu


a prompt by WLP

"Aku ingin segera dewasa."



“That time that I was able to hold you tight,

Can I go back to that time?”

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[Vignette] Ephemeral


by aresanov

End of the Year Writing Project

General | Childhood!AU, Slice of Life, Friendship


Dialogue prompt by acu

“Kau mencuri temanku.”

“Tidak, dia yang datang padaku.”



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[BTS FF Freelance] AMORIS – (Vignette)



Author : Yeoshin

Fluff | Romance | PG | Vignette

Cast :

Park Jimin

Jung Hana (OC)

Desclaimer :

BTS milik ARMY dan OC buatan penulis. Cerita hasil murni karangan penulis. No plagiarism!

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[Vignette] When The Evening Comes

poster ccp6

End of the year writing project by risequinn

Enam Cungcungprut
(Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Min Yoonra, Kim Nayeon, Hong Jean)

AU!, Childhood, Friendship, Horror | 1.1k words | PG

based on dialogue prompt by alphastee
“Aku bosan. Ayo main sesuatu!”

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[BTS FF Freelance] Step Harder, Never Give Up – (Vignette)


Step Harder, Never Give Up

a fic by Orchidious

BTS’s Min Yoongi, OC’s Jung Nara and Jung Nahyun

Vignette | Family, Life | PG 15

Just own the plot and the OCs


“If it seems like you’re going to crash, step harder, kid.”

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[BTS FF Freelance] Be Mine Series – (Chapter 1)


Be Mine Series

Chapter 1: Dont Flirt

Author: @delly1213_

Genre: Romance, School life, Marriage life

Rating: Teen

Length: Series

Main Cast: Min Yoongi (BTS) | Kim Yeonhe (OC)

Support Cast: Find by your self~

Disclaimer: Cerita ini asli dari otak author yang terinspirasi dari drama korea yang author tonton. Semoga suka dan jangan lupa tinggalkan jejak.


“Don’t Flirt, every day I’m nervous because of you

I pray again today that you won’t be taken away by someone else”

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[Vignette] Narae (You Look Like Octopus)


Casts Jeon Jungkook [BTS], Lee Narae [OC] Genre School life, fluff Length Vignette Rating PG-17

©2017 Catstelltales | Also posted in Catstelltales

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[Vignette] Starlight


Based on prompt by Aurora: “Everybody was made of stardust, but she was made of starlight.”

© Catstelltales, 2017

Warning: Bimbingan orangtua. PG-17, not for underage, parental guidance for the theme, your click forward is not my responsibility, enough said. Read it wisely. Also posted at my personal blog, Catstelltales

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