▬▬▬ in three, two, one,  (   click  )  .


     ✦ the name┊ bananakakao

✦ but call me ┊ ath

✦ i’m your┊ hope , author next door

✦ the blood running through my veins ┊the hunter, type ‘o’

✦ the neat trick up my sleeve ┊ destroying things , lightsaber

▬▬▬ 请你告诉我 如果这样就是 () .

                                                      i love you, i know  –  darth vader.

     ✦ relationship status ┊i’m married to junghoseok, young, wild, and free

     ✦ orientation ┊ straight af

     ✦ love is. . . ┊ a nightmare

       * i’m waiting for the right person

                                                                      ❛ let’s enjoy this moment now. ❜

★      graphstronaut

t h e  space-travelleur  ✦                                  「  talk to me about 」 ┊space, galaxy, star wars, constellations, conspiration, kpop, food, coffee-basically anything!

「  d a t e  a r r i v e d  o n  e a r t h  death star 」 ┊ november 24th, 1999

「  s t a n d i n g  t a l l  in  」 ┊a galaxy far, far away

「  w e i g h t i n g  」 ┊ 40  k i l o g r a m s of beauty

「  i t ‘ s  m y  j o b  to 」 ┊ write, design, rap, draw, read, eat, dj, filming, play music

「  eargasm  」 ┊ classical, edm, hiphop, boys’ low voice

`*    maytheforce  bewithyou              :                                                        
catch me if you can!

 g r a p h s t r o n a u ti m t h e a b l a z e o a kj u n e g o o 

»  c a n  y o u  be my savior?

credits to monochromatic. do not steal.