darkchocobee | Aya | 01line

Previously known as KSeonghwa. A B-type girl who likes dark chocolate and quiet place. I also like imagining things. I’m not a writer yet, but still dreaming to become one. A proud ARMY and likes other groups, too. Jimin is my dream boy, Yoongi is the heartbreaker, and Woozi is the evil sunbae.

Call me Aya (or even Leo. That’s my past penname), because it’s super awkward if you call me ‘author’, ‘admin’, ‘mimin’, or things like that.

Please, do contact me because I like it when I have many friends. :3

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One Reply to “darkchocobee”

  1. Iseng-iseng aja lagi muterin profil-nya staffdeul *pergi*

    ASTAGAAAA KITA BANYAK KESAMAAN! BAP, beast, got7, akmu, cnblue, dan apaaa jonghyun-minhyuk? NONONOOOOOOOOO xD


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