[BTS FESTA] Kepada



Alphastee, 2016

Special fan-fiction for BTS 3rd Anniversary


Based from a prompt by nokaav3896

“Karena itu adalah kamu.”


Min Yoongi x OC


-Kepada /ke-pa-da/ p kata depan untuk menandai tujuan orang –

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[Ficlet] Regret


alphastee, 2016


Park Jimin x a boy | Life-General Ficlet




.The story begins.

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#ObsessionSeries Wanting to the Death (Drabble)


#Obsession Series – Kim Seokjin Ver.

Wanting to the Death


Based on Yovie and Nuno’s Song

Kim Seokjin x his Mom

A Family Drabble Song Fiction rated General


“Namun kenyataannya parah, dirimu tak pernah untukku” – Yovie and Nuno / Galau


~the last obsession series begin~

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#ObsessionSeries Worrying the Future (Drabble)


#Obsession Series – Min Yoongi  Ver.

Worrying the Future


Based on Fergie’s Song

Min Yoongi x Min Yoonra

An AU! Family Fluff Song Fiction rated General


“Fairy tales don’t always have a happy ending” – Fergie / Big Girls Don’t Cry


~the first fluff on Obsession Series begin~


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#ObsessionSeries Wake…or not (One Shot)


#Obsession Series – Jung Hoseok Ver.

Wake…or Not


Based on LynxLeo’s Song

Jung Hoseok x two girls

An AU! Angst Song Fiction rated General


“Let’s not grow apart” – Lyn x Leo / Blossom Tears


~the dark side of begging’s lyrics begin~


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#ObsessionSeries Why? (One Shot)


#Obsession Series – Kim Taehyung Ver.



Based on Bangtan Boys’s Song

Kim Taehyung x Jung Alle

A Sad-Romance-Psycho Song Fiction rated NC-17 ( for violence part )


“You’re so pretty, why did I do that?” – Bangtan Boys / Blanket Kick


~the dark side of confession’s lyrics begin~


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#ObsessionSeries Way to Stop (Drabble)


#Obsession Series – Kim Namjoon Ver.

Way to Stop


Based on Sistar’s Song

Kim Namjoon x Jane

A Sad-Romance-Riddle Song Fiction rated general


“My head understands but not my heart” – Sistar / Bad Boy


~the dark side of girlgroup’s lyrics begin~


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#ObsessionSeries Worth Act (One Shoot)


#Obsession Series – Park Jimin Ver.

Worth Act


Based on 2AM’s Song

Park Jimin x Lee Minkyung

A Romance-Dark-Psycho Song Fiction rated NC-17 ( for violent part )


“They think I am happy. But how can I smile without you?” – 2AM / I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me


~the dark side of sad lyrics begin~


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#ObsessionSeries With You (One Shot)


#Obsession Series – Jeon Jeongguk Ver.

With You


Based on Jason Derulo’s Song

Jeon Jeongguk x Park Jaerin

A Romance-Dark-Psycho Song Fiction rated NC-17 ( for violent part )


“Wake up every morning with you in my bed, that’s precisely what I plan to do.” – Jason D. / Marry Me


~the dark side of sweet lyrics begin~


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[Ficlet] Ohrwurm

Fluff-fiction by Alphastee


“Ohrwurm, in Germany means song that always remembered in mind.”

Min Yoongi and Bee (OC)

“Can I be your ohrwurm?”

Dedicated to my best buddies on my life

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