[Oneshot] Fine.



alpha s-tant, 2018

Min Yoongi x Hera // sad x dark romance // warning for adult topic.

“I am just fine, all of my pain, I can overcome without you”

-I’m Fine / BTS-

note : as reference, please read Desire

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[Chaptered] Nvrlnd #2


special fiction for special person

based on true story, with drama-added

Risae x Namjoon // Hurt-comfort, AU! Fantasy // 17+ for suicide/self harm, depression, and cursing

warning! this part is happened 3 years after.

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[Drabble] Hangover


Inspired by Bohemian Rhapsody and my hangover this morning (yeah just got awaken)

WARNING! 18+ rated for alcohol and gun

Min Yoongi and dark family life. don’t you wish for something sweet from me.



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[Ficlet] Senja dan Ra

Senja dan Ra

end of the year project with BTSFFI

prompt by Kak Eci tercinta ❤ (terima kasih kak, prompt anda membuatku bingung harus dibikin gimana –like what kind of kids who don’t know ice cream TT-TT)


“Apakah penyihir suka es krim?”
“Tergantung. Apa itu es krim?”


enjoy! and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!

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